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You are outside admiring your brand new utility trailer your new boat your new RV or container, imagining all the experiences you will need, the freedom and flexibility you will enjoy. But if you don't have a fantastic trailer jack, your experiences will just a daydream. Many trailers arrive with an incorporated trailer jack, however, you can find some which lack this vital feature. If this is true with your trailer or you require a replacement jack, how will you start? What would you need to know, and how can you opt for the ideal type of trailer? This guide will answer your questions accordingly your daydreams turn memories.


What's a frame Trailer Jack?

A frame trailer jack is a necessary tool for anyone having a utility trailer, RV, camper, or vessel - and actually wants to simply take these regions. Just like a vehicle jack which you maintain on your backpack, a trailer jack is more of use once you need to repair a flat tire, plus they are great when you need to put away your kayak, ship, etc.. When you move, you'll be able to park your trailer, then jack it up, then drive off with a lighter load.

Many trailers arrive with an incorporated trailer jack, however, you will find some that lack this critical feature. If this is true together with your trailer or you require an alternative jack, just how can you start? What do you have to know, and how do you opt for the right type of trailer?

Top 9 Frame Trailer Jack

Product Name





Bulldog 1550100317


Reese Towpower 74407


CURT 28204 Black


Bulldog Fulton Sidewind 14 Travel


Product Name





Reese 1400600303 Pro Series 


Bulldog 1700100317


Bulldog 1750290317 15"


Bulldog 155033


Bulldog 1550100317

Bulldog trailer jacks would be the special leader at the towing and trailer industry. Bulldog was manufacturing the maximum quality trailer jacks since 1919.

Whether it is for lands trailers, utility trailers, boat trailers or freight haulers, every rocky and recognized Bulldog 1550100317 A-Frame Trailer Jack is certified ASABE S485 compliant that the"gold standard" in recognized operation for trailer jacks.

Bulldog 1550100317 A-Frame Trailer Jack offers smooth design and smooth and ergonomic layout for lighter load requirements.

 Available with a broad selection of qualities to allow a personalized suit to your specifications. Whichever settings you select, bull dog's industry-leading engineering legacy produces proven reliability for longterm usage in rated loads.

  • Operates easily.
  • Excellent quality, smooth crank and just.
  • High quality.
  • Worked perfectly.
  • A little difficult to operate certain jacks.

Reese Towpower 74407

The very first manual tongue jack on the list could be Reese Towpower 77407 A-Frame Tongue Jack, which isn't probably the most technologically complex version; nevertheless, it's effective at doing exactly the work it's meant to complete very effective. 

And it deserves to put on our list. Additionally, it helps that model is easy to choose and the cheapest option cited within this whole article. I am talking about Towpower 77407 is a high-quality product at a good price.

Plus, despite it being quite cheap, the functioning of the merchandise itself does not suffer. This version has a decent 2,000-pound elevator capacity, which might be plenty for the specific conditions.

Besides, I enjoy how easy this version is to put in since it includes a welded-on mounting bracket, making the setup process a cinch.

It is a very lasting product as well does not hurt. I am talking about there weren't lots of customer reviews that did not mention just how amazing that this version tended to maintain aside from these affect surrounding it.

It has qualities similar to this one and the minimal price that might have me thinking twice in choosing a version within this high-quality manual. And its easy with all processes is just a good point thing you can not miss.

  • Nice jack. Feels very well built.
  • Easy to install.
  • The screw mechanism is smooth.
  • The body is slightly larger than jack.
  • Too much effort to raise and lower the old jack.
CURT 28204 Black

CURT 28204 Black

The Curt 28204 Black A-Frame Trailer Jack is our last product, and it has various features that someone in need of a manual trailer jack would find appealing. 

For one, it has a respectable 2,000-pound lift capacity, which should be appropriate with most trailers. It also has 14 ½

inches of vertical travel, which will give you a lot of flexibility and maneuverability in the lifting process.

Along the same lines, the side handle would also help in this regard by making it easy to avoid any potential conflicts. But the best part about this model is the easy installation process, which is aided by the all-too-important ability to fit the standard 2 1/4 -inch mounting hole.

 It even gives you the option of being able to be bolted or mounted on depending on your preferences.

I should also mention this model is made with extremely durable materials that’ll ensure this model remains in pristine condition for years;

therefore, you won’t have to pay for another trailer jack for a very long time. And since this model has such a low cost, it becomes one of the more cost-effective options in this article.

 As a result, it’s one of the biggest bargains on the entire market thanks to its peak durability and performance levels it offers a potential customer.

  • Good robust product.
  • High-quality and cheap price.
  • Easy install.
  • But the mounting holes, which are not equally spaced.

Bulldog Fulton Sidewind 14 Travel

Bulldog Fulton Sidewind 14 Travel

5000-Pound It comes with a variety of features that I find intriguing even while somebody who doesn't like this sort of merchandise. In actuality, it may even be considered a little too much for my specific conditions, but it will lift my trailer without much effort.

It helps that this model includes an effortless installation process and it has the convenience of matching that the standard 2 1/4-inch mounting hole. Because of this, you ought to don't have much difficulty getting this jack ready for use.

 The simple fact that it offers 1-5 inches of vertical

travel isn't a negative feature to own equally because it gives you a bit of flexibility throughout the procedure. a jack if it too short could be a real hassle, but thankfully, this dilemma doesn't seem to be a trouble with this model.

I will also mention this model farther showcases its flexibility, which is likely to ensure it is incredibly simple to move around any barriers throughout the procedure. Plus, these features come at a reasonable price.

Overall, there isn't anything else you can want to require from a manual trailer adapter. I am talking about, bull-dog even offers a limited 5-year warranty, which will give you small insurance against something wrong.

  • Jack itself works great.
  • Made well and very sturdy.
  • High-quality.
  • Jack mechanism is smooth and easy to use.

  • Turning the handle is actually harder.
Reese 1400600303 Pro Series

Reese 1400600303 Pro Series

Made to combine with A-Frame articulated trailers. The A-frame models have black inner tubes and the outside is also painted black, the other models have black-painted exterior and clear inner tubes. 

Pro Series offers the best value and possibly one of the widest product lines in tow marketing. A diverse selection of products including fifth wheel, gooseneck, weight reduction system, hook, jack, coupling, winch, trailer brake control, trailer design system, and Freight

Freight only There are simply a few of these.

The Pro Series is made up of the best names in the business and creates a balance between premium and low cost. When buying your next preview product or camping accessory, keep in mind that the Pro Series is a product that delivers Legendary Value.

  • Easy install, installed pretty quickly.
  • A sturdy product and the handle moves smoothly.
  • Great jack for price.

  • This model hangs lower.
Bulldog 1700100317

Bulldog 1700100317

Here is actually the Bulldog Round A-Frame Jack with the Sidewind Handle and 5000-pound burden capability. This Bulldog Jack is excellent for multiple agricultural and business uses.

This normal frame Jack is really a trusted port which is considered a market standard for many of the agricultural and business uses.

 They do use precision fitted parts which can offer exceptional stability and reliability. The mounting bracket that's the triangular bit the following could be welded on or might be mounted with the three holes. Bull-dog A-Frame Round Jacks offer smooth cranking and smooth, ergonomic design for lighter load requirements.

 Available with a large selection of qualities to enable a custom suit to your specifications. No matter which configuration you choose, bull dog's industry-leading engineering tradition delivers proven reliability for long term usage at rated loads
  • A great strong jack.
  • Very strong build quality.
  • Arrived quick, and works great.
Bulldog 1750290317 15"

Bulldog 1750290317 15"

Universal TWL 175 Limited Five Years Warranty. Bull-dog round jacks are known as the market norm by directing agricultural, agricultural, horse, horse, along with other trailer manufacturing companies.

 For a lot more than threequarters of a hundred years, bull-dog jacks are proven to function as the most dependable, field-proven jacks available on the marketplace.

Perhaps You're Blessed, as well as your trailer has, therefore, small tongue weight you never need to have a jack. However, also for anything larger than a little utility trailer, then you are going to require a jack. On a tiny preview, it's convenient, merely to maintain trailer jackwhilst unloading and loading it.

By 1920 that the Bulldog Trailer brand has become the selection of Army and Producers everywhere. Bull Dog jacks, in particular, are constructed with uncompromising power and Materials designed to hold up under strict working requirements.

  • High-quality and durable.
  • Sturdy and simple to install.
Bulldog 155033 Trailer Jack

Bulldog 155033 Trailer Jack

Bulldog 155033 Trailer Jack offers easy design and smooth and ergonomic layout for lighter load requirements. Available with a broad selection of qualities to allow a personalized suit to your own specifications.

settings you select, bull dog's industry-leading engineering legacy delivers demonstrated reliability for longterm usage at rated loads. Jack is still a dependable pioneer in the towing and trailer industry. Bulldog was manufacturing the maximum quality trailer organizers since 1919.

Whether it is for lands trailers, utility trailers, boat trailers or freight haulers, every rocky and recognized bull-dog product is certified ASABE S485 compliant -- that the"gold standard" in

demonstrated performance for trailer jacks. Jack provides you with demonstrated quality, performance, and versatility.

12 Months Limited Warranty on all goods. And a few services and products have more warranty coverage spans. This policy is item-by-item and also you should examine the warranty information contained. Bull-dog warrants its products against defects in workmanship or material.

  • Nice quality jack, smooth operation.
  • It works smoothly and easily.
  •  Nice solid jack. Mounted up to the existing trailer perfectly.
Reese 1400850383 Pro Series Square Jack

Reese 1400850383 Pro Series Square Jack

Now we're taking a peek at the Pro Series side wind square jack with footplate number PS1400850383. This is a drop leg jack that welds directly on the application and will be offering superior unwanted loading power for your agriculture or industrial wants.

 The square structure offers additional support for side-loading. It has a durable, long-lasting, steel construction with a dark paint finish on the tube and also a zinc plated finish on the tube and the footplate.

The side wind handle comes with a sleek ergonomic layout for simple cranking and the drop leg advances the overall extension for maximum adjustability. It's quite simple to use.

Looking at ta Height of around 25 1/8th inches. We have a different adapter. It's the same model and it is total long as you may see this with the drop leg completely stretched.


The fully expanded variant is all about 53 and also 11/16th inches. The full-extension of this shed, the leg is approximately 1-3 and also 11/16th inches.

The lift that is the inner tube as it is at full extension is approximately 15 inches. The Lift capacity is 5,000 pounds having an inactive capacity of 8,000 pounds. This Product will feature a limited one year warranty.

  • A very easy to use the high capacity jack that does the job quite well.
  • Quite sturdy, works great.
  • Strong, simple and well-made jack.


With this new info regarding these services and products, you should better grasp what you're searching for in trailer jack. And this superior comprehension should help you shrink the overwhelming quantity of options down to a more manageable number.

As a result, choosing the best trailer jack for you need to not be the daunting task it was until you read this report. And as soon as you do buy this ideal trailer jack, your RVing lifetime will get much easier because it will not be a hassle to lift your rig anymore.

Your very best option may be one of the merchandise that we moved within our product review section. However, whatever the model you end up buying, we hope this informative article had a favorable impact on your buying experience.

If you have any remaining questions concerning these products, please don't hesitate to inquire at the comment section below. We'd like to make this method easier at all we possibly can.

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