Cleaning Weld Nuts For Trailer Hitch Installation

Cleaning Weld Nuts For Trailer Hitch Installation

Cleaning Weld Nuts For Trailer Hitch Installation by

Some problems you may experience while trying to install your new trailer hitch is:

  • Despite several attempts, the provided bolts just won't catch in the threads of your vehicle's weld nuts.
  • The bolts, washers and other hardware necessary to install the hitch seems to be too big for the weld nuts on your vehicle
  • The bolts supplied by the manufacturer don't seem to have matching threads as your weld nuts.

Well, believe it or not, this is an easy to solve problem!

Why does are my Weld Nuts dirty?

You see, the frame of your vehicle is constantly being assaulted by to dirt, sand, clay, grime, salt, moisture, and any other manner of detritus, and this debris does eventually find its way into the pre made weld nut openings in the vehicle's frame, and hardens over time. If there is enough of this build up in your weld nut openings, it will impair or even prevent you from installing your hitch.

Do not let this happen to you!

How do I clean my Weld Nuts?

Luckily, this is an easy fix, using some spray lubricant (like WD-40), a wire brush, and these easy to use steps, you can make your weld nut openings debris free, and in turn ensure have a much easier time installing your new trailer hitch.

  • STEP 1: apply a very liberal amount spray lubricant to the weld nut opening and surrounding area, then let sit for a couple of minutes. This will allow the lubricant to penetrate and loosen the built up debris.
  • spray lubricant to the weld nut
  • STEP 2: Scrub the lubricated opening thoroughly with a wire brush, attempting to break apart and scrub away as much of the debris as possible, both around the opening of and inside the weld nut itself.
  • Scrub the lubricated opening thoroughly with a wire brush
  • STEP 3: if there is still a large amount of debris build up, repeat the first two steps a couple of times, then take one of the bolts provided in the installation kit, and attempt to twist it in a few threads. If this can be accomplished, continue to step 4, if you cannot, repeat steps 1 and 2 again, then try to twist the bolt in again.
  • STEP 4: Lubricate both the weld nut opening, and the provided bolt itself, then, using a tool like a socket wrench, run the bolt in and out of the weld nut repeatedly, each time going a little deeper. By repeating this process, you are using the bolt's threads to break apart and remove the encrusted debris embedded deep in the weld nuts. Remembering to lubricate both the weld nut and the bolt often, repeat this process until you can easily thread the bolt in and out of the weld nut.
  • Once you have completed these steps, you should be able to install your new hitch easily, using the hardware provided by the manufacturer.

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