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🔒TOP 5 -The Best Trailer Hitch Locks

MY #1 Pick –Trimax UMAX100 – Best Hardened Steel Trailer Lock


Trimax UMAX100 trailer lock is also a superb product that won’t ever fail. With this particular lock, you like enhanced security of one’s trailer. Adding 360 levels of tempered steel; there aren’t any odds of breaking.

The lock boasts a glossy ballistic grade nylon casing that’ll absorb huge hammer stinks. Additionally, what this means is a superior coat also protects the bottom from corrosion. Additionally using a key-hole with pay keeps dirt outside. Ergo, you won’t experience jamming when launching.

Forget about those locks which just fit special trailers. That one boasts worldwide compatibility. It can easily fit in couplers in 1-7/8, two, to 2-5/15 inches. So, irrespective of one’s trailer hitching coupler, this lock fits perfectly.

At 6 lbs, this preview lock is only just a bit weightier, and it’s likewise relatively pricier, however, the very best thing about it’s the fact that it offers top-notch security.



My #2 Pick –Master Lock Trailer Lock


Professional Lock can be an international pioneer in regards to lock fabricating, along with also their own locks possess a presence in practically every country on the planet.

This specific lock works together with a lot of wide selection of trailer hitches as a result of a design that is universal. The lock works with 1-7/8 inches, two inches and 2-5/16 inches couplers. Of course if you would like some thing out of a premier brand you can expect, it is going to soon be a fantastic purchase.

The structure of the lock is more powerful. Unlike the affordable locks, it’s durable substances and also an enhanced level lock mechanism which resists prying and cutting edge. Additionally, the substances used in structure withstand corrosion and corrosion.

While this trailer lock can possibly be secure, because of its cost, but it provides decent security for some owners.



My #3 Pick- Connor trailer hitch lock 


The lock comes with a excellent strength having a design that’s been designed to continue for all decades.

Because trailers in many cases are left out, the exterior components can expose the lock rust and rust.

Heavyduty metal structure can be definitely an extra advantage as it’ll protect against harsh elements. A lasting dark nickel finish was employed in accentuating the strength with the trailer hitch lock.

To make things much easier the lock includes the automobile lock and release mechanism, which makes that it really is really a breeze to lock . It gives you the ability to take out the important thing after locking or deleting the lock.
When locking it, then only turn the important thing about 1/4 before a click sound. The lock will automatically discharge the trap down. It really reduces the hassle and hassle as a few locks are emptiness of the particular feature.

If you’re concerned about dangerous weather requirements, the lock comes with an abysmal rubberized cap. It enriches protection against dirt and rust to make certain the lock lasts .

Together with a design that is durable, you may spend a long time without even repainting the lock account of quality. Connor has set a top caliber and value at this item.

But notwithstanding owning a lasting layout and style, I don’t guarantee it can withstand the sledgehammer blow to get a severe burglar. Merely to keep on the other hand, I would urge additional measures of security perhaps the wheel clamp or tracker.



Final Verdict

My take is this hitch lock can be just really actually a mobile lock having a distinctive lasting design. It originates from your customer ushaped shackle locks.

That which I adore with this particular design could be your AutoLock and discharge mechanism that eradicate the setup frustrations. I would urge the product to protect your own trailers. Its allweather rubberized cap helps to ensure it withstands the weather conditions.

My #4 Pick -Master Lock – Universal Size Fits 1-7/8″


With the higher level level fastener that the Guru lock worldwide lock for trailers is you would like to safeguard your trailer. Build to-perfection; the lock provides ultimate security, and that’s exactly what causes it our most useful entire item. The bending mechanisms boast steel. What this means is there isn’t any sewing; prying or beating will split.

With worldwide compatibility, there’s not any struggle searching for trailer lock that is perfect. The system may lock any coupler beginning with 1-7/8, two, and 2-5/16 inches.

The design with the trailer lock isn’t errors and trial. Made from heavyduty stuff, it will become hard for thieves to undermine it.

Besides the structural advantage, the lock comes with a glowing colour painting. That is essential as it frees thieves from interfering with. The paint additionally protects the lock in corrosion, corrosion and extreme climate.

Fitting this apparatus on your trailer coupler can be one-second endeavor. Its general structure centers around security and simplicity of setup. With exceptional lock style and layout, there isn’t any additional key that can open up it. Thereby, it supplies trailer maximum security.

While this lock maybe only just a touch smaller, it’s still too tough as it could possibly get, and thus the size shouldn’t be a problem.



My #5 -REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock


1. Compatibility

Compatibility is certainly one of the primary what to check when investing in a lock. Perhaps not many coupler locks may fit any trailer.

Before buying, you want to measures that you preview hitch to find out the ideal coupler lock to purchase.

The fantastic thing now is that there are locks made out of worldwide compatibility. They’ve advocated coupler compatibility scope. Thereby, you are able to immediately pick one for the trailer assortment.


All these locks are different from the component of the trailer they may lock, of course in the event that you get a fantastic types of it should offer a stable enough lock to your own preview.

Coupler Lock

As its name implies the coupler locks such as the Guru Lock 389DAT are intended to lock the trailer coupler, and thus making it possible to tow without even taking away the lock. Thus, these locks will probably be excellent for procuring the trailer .


Pin locks are going to continue to keep the functioning and receiver together and soon you unlock and remove the pins. They’ll utilize hooks to lock both together and can normally contain two hooks and some of keys. The trap locks like the Master Lock 2866DAT can provide you extra security after towing the trailer.

Building Materials

Let me give you, the stuff used to generate the trailer lock should be the first consideration.

Various substances offer varying amounts of protection and also the most frequent ones are aluminum, steel and aluminum metal. Zinc metal locks such as the Guru Lock 377KA are resistant to rust and rust, that enables you to make utilize of them at virtually any weather and season.

Some substances including tempered steel provides high notch security but in many cases are more costly. Aluminum, alternatively, creates a few more light weight locks, however they’re frequently not as demanding as metal ones that are tempered.

Size of this Lock

The magnitude of a lock is just another vital feature to think about. Mostly, enormous locks are better since the size makes them secure. What’s more, they may be employed with assorted trailers easily.

Small coupler locks work nicely for several trailers, however, they sometimes become stuck needing one to make use of some force.

It’s wise afterward, to start looking to get a lock that may easily fit on your trailer coupler. This may prevent hassles especially when with these under extreme weather.


Several of the locks also have inbuilt locking mechanisms. This really is a superb quality that saves your dollars. Additionally, with a locking system onto the lock, this even includes more strength. Oftentimes, these forms of locks include tempered locking mechanisms.

The other sort is ones which allow third- party padlocks. All these are somewhat more elastic because it’s possible to decide on the type of lock to use.

In general, the best fasten is the one that’s challenging to pry and in addition doesn’t provide an individual a tricky time after launching it.

Benefits Useful

A fantastic trailer lock must be simple to use while you don’t wish to devote a whole good deal of time attempting to do it to start.

Something with a lock and push mechanism such as that the Amplock U-BRP2516 or something similar can provide you a simple time in regards to unlocking and locking your own trailer lock.

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