🥇Blue ox weight distribution hitch review

Blue ox weight distribution hitch

Blue ox weight distribution hitch review 2021

We are going to have a take a look at a Blue Ox SwayPro sway control hitch, also known as”load-leveling plateau” or even”weight distribution hitch.” A fantastic weight distribution hitch is vital RV gear and can decrease trailer influence. If you are seeing this, I will assume that you do not have a weight-distribution hitch now, or are thinking about purchasing a Blue Ox. This post will explain the way you can hook up an Ox weight distribution hitch. From the conclusion of the Blue Ox SwayPro demonstration, you ought to get a clearer idea of when the Blue Ox SwayPro is the ideal best weight distribution hitch for your trip trailer. If you’re an RV newcomer or are simply considering RV accessories, have a peek at the info below.

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SaleBestseller No. 1
Blue Ox BXW2000 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch 2000lb Tongue Weight for Standard Coupler with Clamp-On Latches
  • Pre-adjusted hitch head, no fine-tuning necessary
  • Sway prevention; No noise
  • Spring steel construction for a softer, smoother ride
  • For Standard Coupler with Clamp-On Latches
  • Back up without disconnecting
SaleBestseller No. 2
Blue Ox BXW1000 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch 1000lb Tongue Weight for Standard Coupler with Clamp-On Latches
  • Pre-adjusted hitch head, no fine-tuning necessary
  • Sway Prevention
  • Spring steel constrution for a softer, smoother ride
  • No noise
  • Back up without disconnecting
SaleBestseller No. 3
Blue Ox BXW0650 TrackPro Weight Distribution Hitch with 7 Hole Shank - 600 lb. TW
  • Evenly distributes trailer tongue weight to the tow vehicle
  • Sway prevention provided by caster in the hitch head and sway control by additional points of friction, backup without disconnecting
  • 600 lb. maximum tongue weight capacity/6,000 lb. maximum gross trailer weight capacity
  • Includes standard 7 hole shank, 2" x 7.5K rated chrome hitch ball, hitch head, L brackets, spring bars and more (see long description)

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  • 800 lbs
  • 900 lbs
  • WD With Sway Control
  • Blue Ox
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Allows Backing Up
  • Prevents Sway
  • Includes Shank
  • 4-Point
  • Electric Brake Compatible
  • Surge Brake Compatible

Can it be right for you personally? Item Expert Lindsey S states:

Yes if you

  • Take a trailer together using 750 pounds — 1000 pounds of tongue weight which merely encounters occasional influence
  • Hate the loudly scratching and popping of Different hitches with Builtin sway control
  • Desire a readily adjustable system that Provides you great weight supply

No, even should you

  • Possessing a trailer using a C Channel framework or a Cross Member that may interfere with all the clamp-on mounts
  • Possess a Substantial quantity of influence Frequently and want Something Which can hold your trailer In-line

Shank fits two” hitches and will be offering up into an 8″ rise and a 2″ drop. System uses the best points of anxiety to help avert influence whilst it balances your trailer load for a higher degree ride. Clamp-on brackets require no drilling.


  • Evenly distributes weight on axles of tow car and trailer for equilibrium and controller
  • Creates a flat ride for the tow vehicle and trailer
  • Builtin sway controller aids prevent trailer influence
  • Constant pressure in trunnions helps induce trailer in-line
  • Rotating lift mounts guarantee that chains are tight and protected to maintain spring pubs out of transferring
  • Trunnion spring pubs bend to get controlled, and although the ride
  • Automatically lock set up and readily eliminate
  • Interchangeable with additional bass Ox spring bars (sold individually ) to increase or reduce the weight capability
  • No hooks or clips required – Selflocking apparatus operate During system
  • Easy-to-operate mount locks mechanically fasten rotating mounts set up and discharge with push-lock
  • Two Grease zerks inside mind gathering create maintenance simple and wash
  • Particular, rotating-latch elevator mounts join spring pubs to preview
  • Quick and easy to use – fit elevator string into a wheel and slot mount with a wrench
  • Clamp-on layout – without any drilling desired
  • Necessary tilt is constructed into headset gathering – without any modification needed
  • Powder-coated steel structure
  • The system carries headset gathering, flexible shank, spring pubs, and lift chains and rotating lift mounts together with grips, reducer bushing such as chunk shank, pin, and clip, along with all Essential hardware
  • Hitch ball sold separately – needs 1″ or 1-1/4″ diameter shank
  • Made in the United States


  • Shed weight: 750 pounds – 1000 pounds
  • Gross rapid weight: 10,000 pounds
  • Application:
  • two” X2″ Trailer hitch recipients rated to be used with fat reduction methods
  • Trailers with framework elevation between 3″ and 6″
  • Lift-bracket placement: bracket approximately 2-9″ straight from the hitch ball
  • Shank span:
  • 9″ In the center of hitch pin hole to center of modification holes
  • 10″ From the center of hitch pin hole facing shank
  • 8″ From the center of hitch pin hole back of shank
  • 1-3″ Overall
  • Full height alteration combined shank: 8-3/4″
  • Maximum increase: 8″
  • Maximum fall: 2″
  • Overall height: 10″
  • Holes are spaced 1-1/4″ apart on center
  • Limited lifetime guarantee

Blue ox weight distribution hitch

Create a well-balanced ride for the tow vehicle and trailer using a weight-distribution hitch. Adding spring pubs into your own towing system employs grip, which transports the strain that’s pushing back on the back of your vehicle to most of of the axles on either the tow vehicle and your own trailer, leading to an even distribution of weight during. The outcome can be a smooth, flat ride, in addition to the power to tow the most power of your hitch.

Choosing the Fat Distribution System

The tongue weight evaluation could be easily the main element in deciding on that size weight reduction system you ought to utilize. In the event the pubs of this device you decide on are rated too much for the installation, they are going to create a ride, which may lead to a bomb that is breeding. If, on the flip side, the pubs aren’t ranked high enough, so the system is going to not be able to correctly disperse the weight, making this virtually useless.

To decide on the suitable weight evaluation for a body fat reduction system, you have to first determine that your trailer tongue weight reduction. Add to that weight of this freight supporting the back axle of your tow vehicle. Both of these dimensions compose the tongue weight evaluation for a body fat reduction platform.

Specific Functions of Blue Ox SwayPro

Unlike other fat reduction approaches, the SwayPro has mechanically locking brackets. Both spring pubs add, slotted side into the top gathering and after that lock firmly in place. Removal is just as easy – simply lift the pins onto the trunnions and slip out the bars. Blue Ox spring pubs have been synonymous with one another. If you get a brand new trailer or tow truck and also you also want to boost or decrease your own capacity, it is possible to easily buy new spring pubs rather than buying an entirely new process.

Different systems have elevator mounts that need that you employ a fantastic number of leverage to make them wind upward, which may be challenging and frustrating. Together with all the SwayPro, whatever you should do is add the elevator string into the mounting slot and then rotate the mount with the added wrench before the lock engages.

The other quality of this SwayPro could be your easy-to-use mind. The necessary pitch has already built into the mind, hence the only real alteration that could possibly be needed could be that your positioning of the mind to the shank. Proceed up the head or down across the weight reduction shank to attain a suitable height. No additional, finetune modification becomes necessary, this means no hard-to-access dishwashers or difficult-to-use thumb screw.

Builtin Tension Stops Sway

The SwayPro offers four points of built-in sway control. Within the mind meeting, the trunnions are intended to put on the spring pubs firmly set up, placing only enough strain in it to induce them to always push your trailer consistent. At the opposite end of this body fat reduction platform, the rotating mounts make sure that the elevator chains are dragged as tight as you possibly can.

Additionally, the simple look of these mounts retains a lot of the period of the elevator chains wrapped up inside the mounts. On average, merely a few links hang from each mount. Therefore each string is kept more stable compared to conventional weight reduction systems, where significantly more than double as most links are vulnerable.

This tight, stable layout restricts the movement of these spring pubs in the order they could apply more force in your own trailer to effortlessly keep it from shifting laterally. Additionally, unlike a lot of friction-style sway controllers, the SwayPro enables one to back your trailer up without needing to get rid of or repaint the machine.

Easy install
Easy hook up and disconnect from trailer
Great sway control
Ground clearance
No head adj.
Works with tongue boxes


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