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How A Weight Distribution Hitch Makes Towing Better?

How A Weight Distribution Hitch Makes Towing Better

From time to time, you may experience the need to tow heavy things, and a good weight distribution hitch can help. This is especially important for people that tow travel trailers and boats. Safety is the most important issue when it comes to towing, and it is vital to perform a safety check and to make sure that cargo and materials are distributed evenly. The way that your things are distributed has a lot to do with the way that they will ride. Also, a Best weight distribution hitch will make things much easier for you, and here is why.

Distributing the Load

Weight Distribution Hitch

To better understand the weight distribution hitch, there are two important factors to consider. The first factor is the heaviness of the entire load that you are towing. The second factor incorporates the heaviness and pressure exerted by the towing tongue. These two factors are sometimes abbreviated as GTW for gross trailer weight, and TW as tongue weight.


The GTW includes everything that you are towing. For example, if you have a travel trailer, this includes cargo, as well as the trailer itself. When you tow a boat, this includes everything inside of the boat, as it will have an effect on the way that things ride.


TW represents the amount of pressure that is exerted on the tongue or hitch by the complete load. Things must be forward enough to apply pressure to the tongue. However, everything in back of the rear axle will also place force upon the towing tongue. This force is often ten to fifteen percent of the total. The relationship between the tongue pressure and total load pressure affects how the load will ride.

A Weight Distribution Hitch and Balancing

It is very important to have everything in your towing load distributed evenly. If not, one of two things may happen. The trailer will either dive or sway, and either one can be hazardous. This is why a weight distribution hitch is important for heavier loads.


If there is too much force on your towing tongue, the trailer will dive. This is caused by too much of the load placed in the front area of the trailer. However, it can also be caused by too much behind the rear axle. This can be a serious thing, as it affects the steering and braking of the towing vehicle. In fact, it will tend to bring the front wheels off the ground.


Swaying is the opposite scenario of diving. When not enough force is exerted on the tow tongue, it will cause the load to pitch from side to side. This can literally pull the towing vehicle with it, and can cause complete loss of control. This problem is made worse with higher speeds, and makes the weight distribution hitch a good choice.

How a Weight Distribution Hitch Works

A weight distribution hitch can prevent problems like diving and swaying. This makes for a much safer and enjoyable ride. A weight distribution hitch works with mechanisms that help transfer force to the front wheels of your towing vehicle. This helps to prevent diving. There are also spring bars in the weight distribution hitch that help to apply leverage to your towing vehicle, and this can help with sway problems.

It must be noted that the weight distribution hitch is not perfect. You must still make sure that your load is evenly distributed in your trailer. For example, if you have too much behind the rear axles, it is going to cause problems. Always check your load before you hit the road, and also check the weight distribution hitch.

When shopping for a good weight distribution hitch, rating is very important. Make sure that you choose a weight distribution hitch that is rated for the load that you are towing. If you are unsure, it is best to consult a professional for advice. A weight distribution hitch will cost a little more than most standard tow hitches. However, it is hard to place a price on safety.


If you are towing a load very far or if it is very heavy, a weight distribution hitch can improve your ride and safety. The weight distribution hitch has a special design that helps to evenly distribute the towing load. They may prevent problems with diving, which can cause you to lose control. A weight distribution hitch also prevents some of the problems with trailer swaying that can be dangerous. Your weight distribution hitch may be a little more expensive than standard hitches, but will provide a great deal of safety.

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